The Food Startups Podcast

Cookies in Saudi Arabia, pomegranates in Croatia, bananas in Ecuador, Olive oil in Georgia. Tim has done it all.

In the food business since 1988, he helps companies add thousands of retail locations, millions of dollars in revenue, and millions of capital investment.

Tim has worked with large and small companies from all around the world. With experience working at the big boys (Unilever and Nestle), he applies their advanced, proven practices to smaller ones.

Fun stories and practical advice for all:

  • Georgia Olive Farms story
  • How he brought Keebler to Saudi Arabia without permission
  • Food Network endorsements + PR tis
  • The 4-5 key metrics you must pay attention to
  • How to recognize the key issues during growth
  • 9 pillars of successful food brands
  • The retail index coefficient
  • Bananas, Ecuador, and Whole Foods
  • Results-based consulting pay
  • Tips for raising capital
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